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Viral Potential

Sosh provides a unique demographic which loves to share unique products. Get the benefits of viral growth.

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Build Converstion

Sosh excels when it comes to building conversation around your product. We believe word of mouth is the best marketing.

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Start Selling Today

We have strived to make the Sosh Sellers platform simple & intuitive. So simple that you can start selling today!

The early advantage 🤫

In the early stages of Sosh, get the unfair early advantage of running your product entirely free1. Build your reputation on Sosh, and be the first to run effective campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sosh work?

Sosh works as a platform to build brand reputation and sales. As you release products, users will gain interest in them. If they chose to buy, they would get directed to your product website where they would finalize their order. It's that simple.

What is the "early stages" period?

When we say the “early stages” period, we mean the BETA timeframe. The early stages timeframe is an ideal time for brands to familiarize themselves with this platform to get a huge early advantage!

What products should I sell?

Sosh focuses on fashion products. This includes clothing, shoes, sunglasses, jewlery, and much more. Please note that Sosh is currently only available in Canada.

What is the pricing for running the products?

During our early stages, your store functions for completely free. Once Sosh leaves the early stages and gets released publicly, we will send you a notification.

1. Release products free on Sosh during the BETA stages. Once Sosh becomes public, prices will likely change to a CPM basis. Please note that prices are subject to change.